Delivery Information



you have any concern about shipping issues, please contact us to make shipping arrangement before your order.

运费和政策如有变 ,恕不另行通知。送货费用取决于选择的“发货地址”和“送货方式”。运输期限,在工作日内,是基于正常情况。为了弥补运输中可能的延误,我们将尽最大努力在收到您的订单和付款后尽快出货,但请尽早订货,以便有足够的时间到货。

Shipping rates and policies are subjected to change without prior notice. Shipping charges depends on the “Ship to address” and “Shipping Method” selected. Shipping durations, in working days, are based on normal circumstances and are approximate. To make up for any possible delay in shipping, we will do our best to ship out the goods earliest possible after receiving your order and payment, but please order early to allow sufficient time for your goods to arrive.

根据我们提供的促销活动,您可以使用送货折扣代码来节省运送费 。

Depending on promotion we provide from time to time, you may use the Shipping Discount Code during check out to save on your shipping charges.

运送到海外的货物可能会受到地方税收和关税。运输费用不包括货物和服务税,或货物可能会遭受的任何进口关税或税款。这些是由接收货物的人承担的额外费 。

Goods that delivered to overseas address might be subjected to local taxes and duties. The shipping charge does not include goods and services tax, or any import duties or taxes the goods might be subjected to. These are additional cost which to be borne by the person that receive the goods.


Please do not use P.O Box address as we need recipient to receive the parcel. Please confirm your delivery address and contact number during the order process. Once the order is confirmed, the goods will be ready to ship and we might not be able to change the delivery location.

地址或联系电话中的错误,或在接收货物的地点没有人可能会导致退货。如果发生这种情况, 将会重复发运和处理手续费。

Mistake in address or contact number, or no one at the location to receive the goods might result in return goods. Repeated shipping and handling charges will be imposed if such situation occurs.


Remarks: Shipping duration in working days, and is approximate. Please allow sufficient time for unforeseen delay in delivery.